Diagnostic Wax-up

Our two USA dental labs – Pacific Aesthetic Dental Studio and Corr Dental Designs located in Northern and Southern California provide dental clinics help with diagnostic wax-up dental services as one of our many choices.

Diagnostic Wax-Ups:

Diagnostic wax-ups are used for the evaluation of prosthetics before they are applied. This allows your dental patient to see how prosthetics will feel before the service is performed.

At PALG, we create the replica from wax. Many dental clinics understand wax-ups are a necessary step in any prosthetic procedure as they will serve the foundation for rest of the treatment.

In short, diagnostic wax-ups translate the concept of treatment into physical reality for the patients as well as the practitioners.

5 Ways Diagnostic Wax-Ups Can Improve Dental Practices:

  1. They will help you in diagnosing problem areas in your patient’s mouth. By doing so, you’ll be able to use the exact treatments that will restore the oral health of patients.
  2. After the diagnosis, you’ll be able to find potential solutions for each problem. This is essential in narrowing down all the possible solutions that can be used for the persisting dental issues.
  3. Dental wax-ups are useful in designing the shape and arch form for the tooth before they are treated to make sure that everything is accurately performed. This heightens the efficiency of the treatment as well.
  4. With help of wax-ups you can judge the severity of the issue. Which means you’ll be able to figure out how bad the condition of tooth is that needs to be restored.
  5. The patient will get the chance to judge the treatment and what they will be achieving with it. They can test the prosthetics, veneers or implants before they are permanently bonded.