Gary Vaughn, CDT, CTO

Gary Vaughn carries a passion for helping esthetically-minded dentists create beautiful smiles. He brings with him nearly 45 years of experience on the bench, with the past 7 years at Pacific Aesthetic Continuum.  Gary has received extensive training, over these many years, advancing his education and skill level to world-class notoriety.

From the onset of his career, in his quest to provide the most esthetic, functional restorations of the day, while operating a 7 person Laboratory he had purchased from his mentor Steven R. Vincent in 1979, Gary sought out education and training with refractory and foil veneer techniques from the Pentron and Ceramco Corporations in the early 1980’s. Then with the advent of pressable ceramics, Gary received training from Ivoclar Vivadent, where he learned the cutback/layering technique taught by several institutions, bringing an incredible lifelike dimension to his restorative & aesthetic work. Gary also obtained extensive training on occlusion, attending the technical courses offered at the renowned Pankey Institute. More recently Gary has received training and participated in several Myotronics level 1 and 2 courses, broadening his practical knowledge in the many contemporary theories of occlusion.  A faithful proponent of the NADL, he maintains his annual certification as a CDT in Ceramics by not only attending the required continuing education but also by assisting in it’s administration through courses offered by the PAC.

A participant of the ever-popular UCLA Aesthetic Continuum between the years of 2007 to 2012, Gary managed Frontier Dental Laboratory’s Southern California operation until 2013. Having created literally tens of thousands of restorations over his career, he has lectured and actively participated clinically in the preparation, fabrication, and delivery of over 1200 veneers at the California Center for Advanced Dental Studies and Frontier Institute programs since their inception in Southern California, Northern California and Vancouver, BC. Gary is now enthusiastically engaged creating beautiful smiles with the PAC as our CTO, (Chief Technical Officer).

You can reach Gary by phone at (714) 944-4581 or by e-mail: [email protected].