Inlay and Onlay

The Pacific Aesthetic Laboratory Group helps our dental practices by providing dental inlay and dental onlay customization.

In today’s dental world, patients want their teeth to be natural looking so no one notices any imperfections when they smile or open their mouth to eat in front of others. That’s why we provide you with two dental filling options for your patients.

Dental Inlay:

Dental inlays refer to a filling of the cavities to restore the chewing force and structure of a damaged tooth. In the past, these fillings were limited to metal amalgam which was quite visible in your patients’ mouth. However, at the Pacific Aesthetic Laboratory Group dental laboratories in the USA, our dental technicians prepare inlays that are now made from material which also matches the texture and color of your patients’ teeth. This allows your patient to have a natural looking smile and no longer show metal when they open their mouths to speak.

Dental Onlay:

A dental onlay is different from a dental inlay because a dental inlay is bonded to your patients’ teeth to fill in a missing gap. A dental onlay covers the entire biting surface of the tooth which makes it even more important to create something natural in color, texture, and size for each patient. That’s why at PALG, we source high-quality materials and techniques that can only be done when using the best dental laboratory technicians in the US.