Our two USA dental labs – Pacific Aesthetic Dental Studio and Corr Dental Designs located in Northern and Southern California provide dental clinics help with provisional dental services as one of our many choices.


Provisional restorations are temporary replacements during the procedure before permanent solutions are applied. These temporary prosthetic replacements are used to help your patient try out the new crowns they will be getting. Provisionals will help your patient with chewing food as well as protecting their teeth from damage while their crowns and bridges are getting prepared in the dental laboratory.

If your patient is not comfortable, they can let you know so we can work together to change the fitting or structure of their long-term crowns. Modern Provisionals are different and more aesthetically appealing than they used to be in the past. These temporary settings are often made from acrylic resin to imitate ceramic or other restorations.

Provisional Case Submission:

When you are ready to submit your case to us, be sure to fill out the case submission form found under our case submission tab along with the patient scans